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Shelter Cove is an unincorporated community in Humboldt County, CA, we share a post office and zip-code with the nearby town of Whitethorn. This is why online or GPS maps may say "Whitethorn" instead of Shelter Cove.

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Driving Directions

The North

Driving South on Scenic Highway 101, take the Shelter Cove/Redway Exit 642 to Redway.

From South

on Scenic Highway 101 take the Garberville exit to Redway.

From Redway, follow Briceland Road all the way to Shelter Cove. (approximately 23 miles.)

When you reach the intersection of Shelter Cove Road and Upper Pacific, turn right onto Upper Pacific, then turn Left onto Lower Pacific, and right onto Dolphin Drive.

The Spyglass Inn at Shelter Cove is at 118 Dolphin Drive.

Travel Tips

The road from Redway to Shelter Cove is only about 20 miles or so, but it is a winding country drive which passes through the Kings Range Mountains, and many miles of beautiful forest. You will want to give yourself plenty of time to make this drive during the daylight, especially during rainy or foggy weather. Always watch for deer and other wildlife.